Wyoming Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations


Wyoming Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations

With over 27,000 miles of fishable streams and 4,200 crystal clear lakes, Wyoming is the best fishing and fly fishing destination. Popular fishing spots in Wyoming include Alcova Reservoir in Natrona County Park and Glendo Reservoir in Glendo State Park, with Yellowstone Park being the most popular fishing destination. Some of the fish species found in Wyoming waters include sunfish, yellow bass, crappie, whitefish, sturgeon, pike, pikeperch, perch, catfish, salmon, and trout. But before you can fish in the state, a fishing license is required.

Applying for a fishing license is easy online or from an approved fishing license representative on site. Before you buy a fishing license, it is best to read through the different types of fishing licenses available in Wyoming. For the really avid resident anglers, a long term fishing license is more convenient and cheaper.

Fish laws and regulations are created and implemented to maintain and maintain fish populations. The fishing rules and regulations discuss the different types of fishing licenses available, as well as types of fishing equipment and tackle, size restrictions, pocket restrictions, and fishing times. In some cases, additional rules apply to specific waterways and species of fish.

The conservation and preservation of fish stocks and waterways are the top priority of the state. Waterways with dwindling fish stocks are being stocked to ensure fish stocks thrive for future anglers. An angler must be careful to practice proper fishing etiquette and follow all fishing rules and regulations to protect fish and water resources.


U.S. citizens or legal aliens who have resided in Wyoming for at least one (1) year immediately before applying for a license shall not be required to reside in any other state, territory or country for any purpose during this period (1) year and meet The provisions of Wyoming State Regulations §23-1-102 and §23-1-107. For detailed instructions on residence requirements, please visit wgfd.wyo.gov/Hunting/Am-I-a-Wyoming-Resident.

Resident Youth

Under the age of 14 do not need a permit, and their creel restrictions are the same as those that require a permit.

Non-resident youth

If accompanied by an adult holding a valid Wyoming fishing license, minors under the age of 14 do not need a license; however, fishing rod restrictions for non-resident youths apply to fishing licenses held by adults in their company . Non-resident youth under the age of 14 who hold a valid daily or non-resident youth annual fishing permit can catch and have full creel restrictions.

Need to protect seal

Everyone who obtains a hunting or fishing permit in Wyoming should purchase a protection seal that is valid for twelve (12) consecutive months. When hunting or fishing, athletes should always have proof of purchasing a valid seal.

Those with the following licenses do not need to purchase a protective seal when exercising hunting or fishing privileges under these licenses:

Daily hunting or fishing permit;

Non-resident fishing permit for five consecutive days;
Specially limited fishing license holders; or
Fifty percent (50%) of Wyoming’s fishing licenses for disabled veterans.
Those holding the following permits do not need to purchase a protective seal when exercising hunting or fishing privileges under any Wyoming permit. The person should always hold a permit that allows exemption of the protection seal when on site:

Any Wyoming pioneer hunting or fishing license;

Wyoming 100% (100%) handicapped veteran combo hunting bird, small game and fishing license;
General elk or general deer license for military combat;
Military fighting game bird or small game license;
Reissued licenses to disabled veterans or persons with permanent disabilities who use wheelchairs; or,
Recipient of the Purple Heart in the US military.
Protected stamps can be purchased from Cheyenne\’s headquarters, departmental regional offices, statewide license sales agents, and departmental websites. You can purchase lifetime protection stamps by applying to Xia\’an headquarters or any departmental regional office.

What is the cost of a fishing permit in Wyoming?

When preparing to go fishing in Wyoming, I need to make sure that I have purchased a valid fishing license for my upcoming fishing adventure. Initially, I was not sure how much they would cost or where to buy them.

Therefore, I did some research on fishing permits in Wyoming and combined this quick guide with my findings.

So, how much does a fishing permit in Wyoming cost? The annual fishing permit fee for Wyoming residents is US$27 and non-residents are US$102. The daily fishing permit in Wyoming is $6 for residents and $14 for non-residents.

However, like other states, Wyoming offers different price points and discounts, depending on the length of the permit and residency status.

Wyoming fishing license cost breakdown

In Wyoming, various options and savings opportunities are provided to meet the needs of every angler. Wyoming offers free licenses for disabled veterans, discounts for young anglers, and lifetime license options.

This is a list of all fishing permits in Wyoming and their costs to residents and non-residents.

Lifetime fishing license fee

If you are an avid fisherman/outdoor enthusiast and you plan to fish for a long time in Wyoming, then investing in a lifetime fishing license may be a good idea. In the long run, it will save you some money.

The following are the lifetime fishing licenses available in Wyoming:

Fishing $311.00
Game bird/mini game/fishing and CSTAMP $681.50
Game bird/mini game/fishing $496.00
Fishing and CSTAMP $496.50
Source: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Apply-or-Buy/License-Fee-List#fish

Other fishing licenses

Trading live bait $69.00
Fishing Sanctuary $136.00
Siene or Trap $21.00
When fishing in Wyoming, it is very important to know and keep abreast of the current rules and regulations. You can find more information and detailed information at the Wyoming Hunting and Fish Department.

Where can you buy a Wyoming fishing license?

Nowadays, it is very easy to buy a fishing license. You can purchase a Wyoming fishing license online or at an authorized retail store. These options make it very simple and convenient.

This is a link to the Game and Fish Department of Wyoming, where you can buy fishing licenses online or visit local retail stores that have them.

Free fishing day

The Wyoming Fish Game Department has designated the first Saturday of the boating and fishing week as a free fishing day. The free fishing day means that anyone in Wyoming can fish legally without a license. However, all fishing regulations and restrictions still apply.

If you want to learn more about Free Fishing Day, check the Wyoming Department of Games and Fish website here.