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Hawaii Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations

Hawaii offers a unique fishing experience when compared to most areas in the United States, and features diverse bodies of water – including shore, reef, offshore and deep sea fishing.

Fishing is very enriching in Hawaiian culture. Hawaii has seven inhabited and 129 uninhabited islands that play a huge role Aspect of Hawaiian Fisheries Culture.

Many of the native Hawaiians rely on fishing for their families\’ daily food and to extend the lifestyles of their faithful ancestors. Since it is such a cultural pastime for the locals, anglers MUST abide by the state-issued regulations to protect the long-standing tradition.

The fishing regulations in Hawaii are a bit complex compared to other states. That is why we have prepared this Hawaii fishing guide to make sure you enjoy your Hawaii fishing trip.

Get Hawaii fishing licenses

One advantage of fishing in Hawaii is that you do not need a license to fish in the sea for recreational fishing in Hawaii, neither for residents nor for visitors to the islands. The only rule is that you cannot sell your catch.

If you want to fish for freshwater, you will need a license for deep-sea freshwater fishing. To obtain this license, visit the website of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. Here is the breakdown of costs:

  • Minor – $ 4
  • Residents – $ 6
  • Nonresident – $ 26
  • 7 day tourist – $ 11
  • 30 day tourist – $ 21
  • Senior – $ 1

Types of Hawaii Fishing Licenses, Costs, and Where to Get Them:

Below we\’ve rounded up the few fishing licenses and permits available for recreational use in Hawaii. Please refer to these tables to see whether you need licenses or permits for your upcoming trips.

Registration of demersal fishing vessels

Applies toBottom fisherman
Needed forAny ship owner who wants to catch one of the Deep 7 bottom fish. Must provide a ship identification
Where buy On-line or Personally

Freshwater deep sea fishing license

Applies toFreshwater fishermen
FeesVary (see section above)
Needed forAnyone who wants to catch freshwater fish in their free time
Where buy On-line, Personally, Authorized license agents

Entry permit for the public fishing area of ​​Wahiawa

Hawaii fishing license extension

To renew your freshwater fishing licenses, go to the available channels to buy and repurchase them using the existing login that you originally registered.

Hawaii fish size and limits

When it comes to minimum fish size requirements, we recommend following these requirements to ensure you are meeting Hawaiian fishing laws.

\’Ahi3 pounds
Aholehole5 inches
\’Ama\’ama (striped mullet) 11 inchesClosed season from December to March
path9 inches
Moi11 inchesfifteen Closed from June to August
\’O\’io14 in
Uhi12 inches; 10 inches specially made for Maui2
Eagle owl \’ele\’ eleTaking on Maui. forbidden
Eagle owl uliuliTaking on Maui. forbidden
Eagle owl \’ahu\’ ula14 in2Rules only apply on Maui
Eagle owl palukaluka 14 in2Rules only apply on Maui
Ulua and Papio10 inches of leisure and 16 inches for sale20 (leisure)
Cumu10 inches (excluding Maui); 12 inches on Maui1 (Maui)
Moano7 inch; 8 inches for Maui
Moano Kea 12 inches2 Rules apply to Maui only
Munich8 inches2Rules apply to Maui only
Weke and \’Oama7 inches for all islands except Maui; 8 inches for Maui50 \’Oama
Week nono12 inchesRules apply to Maui only
All other goat fish8 inches
Kala14 in
Opelu Kala16 inches
Manini5 inches
Ula ula koa e1 pound5
Opakapaka1 pound5
Ula ula (ehu)5
Ukiuki (gindai5
Uku1 pound
Aukule and HalaluA minimum of 8 ½ inches and a maximum of 200 lbs with meshValid from July to October
OpeluBan on the use of animal bait
NehuNets over 50 feet1 gallonCommercial use only, bait license
\’IaoCommercial use only, bait license
honorNot an open season – endangered species
\’Ilioholoikauaua (Hawaiian MonNo open species – endangered species

Hawaii fishing rules and regulations

When it comes to Hawaiian fishing laws, there are too many to remember at once. As a rule of thumb, however, plan your location, type, and equipment in advance. For example, the Waikiki Diamond Head coast is only open for fishing in even years, not odd years. In Ama\’ama, the fishing season runs from April and ends in November.

Also, keep in mind that each island has its own specific rules. Most rod and reel gear will work with the fishing gear you use. For commercial use, you want to find out about nets, explosives, and electrical charges.

With Waimea Bay, you cannot use more than two fishing setups or have more than two rods and reels at the same time. You can\’t leave them unattended either. Failure to comply with these laws will result in heavy fines. For full details on fishing rules and regulations, please visit the state Hawaii Division of Aquatics Resources for more informations.

In general, Hawaiian residents are very laid back people, but they pride themselves on taking care of their land. Disregarding the law or treating this species of fish with respect means to them that you are disturbing their home and their peace.

The best fishing spots in Hawaii (various islands)

Hawaii has something for everyone for anglers. Whether you prefer to hunt big game for marlin in deep offshore waters or enjoy the tranquility of fly fishing in freshwater lakes and streams, Hawaii has it all.

One of our favorite freshwater spots in Oahu is Lake Wilson, which has over 17 species in the area. It is known for its famous peacock bass. But you can find other fish like channel catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, black bass, snakehead, oscr, tilapia, and red devil.

The best time to catch the coveted famous peacock bass is from April to late October, when the weather is at its warmest. The temperature in Hawaii remains fairly constant; However, spring and winter come with a lot Rain, storms and winds that affect the visibility of the lake and make accurate fishing difficult.

For those of you interested in sport fishing and deep sea fishing, head to the port of Nawiliwili, Kauai. This is a busy place near Lihue Airport and has a wide variety of fish species such as marlin, mahi-mahi, ahi (yellowfin tuna), and ono (wahoo). This is an offshore location so you will need to take a chartered boat to get here. However, there are many hotels and accommodations available near this area.

Hawaii Fishing Licenses

Some anglers love the challenge of hunting new and more sensitive fish. The famous World War II Memorial at Pearl Harbor offers an excellent range of fishing opportunities. Besides all of the tourist gold mine here, many anglers find it extremely productive to fish here. If you fish from the pier, their affinity for the rocks below the surface allows you to land goat, Mary, greenjack, and samoan crabs. For those taking a fishing charter, you can find some solid game fish such as tuna, mahi-mahi, marlin, and swordfish in the waters of Hickam. These fish are known to put up a considerable fight, so bring your A-game!

The beauty of Hawaii is that it gives fishing a lot of uniqueness. A variety of species can be found at Waiakea Pond in Wailoa River State Park near Hilo on the Big Island. Some will contain mullets, ulua, and a hole. Catches here are limited to 20 fish due to the short distance of 25 hectares and in order to preserve its natural habitat. It\’s also a public fishing area, and even kid-friendly, so an excellent destination for your family. For a more secluded spot where you can probably land all of the fish yourself, the Waialua Bay Pier at Haleiwa Alii Beach Park in Oahu is a fantastic spot. Live bait is best at this location, and you can land papio, goat fish, uluas, barracudas, and giant sea bass. It is an excellent place for a barbecue and picnic so you can have a nice family day out right after catching your trophy fish!