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California Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations

If your fancy is to catch a trout-sized trout or a river salmon, California definitely has this experience for you! The state offers tourists and experienced anglers alike a variety of fishing licenses to choose from, from short-term to annual. This section walks you through the different types and fees for each license so you can easily choose one that best suits your current needs. The backup can be done online or you can buy in person from authorized agents or local sports stores.

It\’s easy to apply for and secure your own fishing license online. This can be done through the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, or you can purchase one in person from authorized retailers such as a fishing shop or local sports store.

California Fishing Licenses

Before you travel, don\’t forget to research and familiarize yourself with the local fishing laws and protocols in the area. You also need to keep an eye out for the latest updates as some rules change from time to time. And since fishing is possible in both the freshwater and saltwater areas of California, you\’ll need to research the laws for both species as each species has its own set. These laws exist to preserve and protect marine life in the area.

All revenues from the fishing licenses are used for the various programs that aim to promote the spread of marine animals and wildlife and their habitats in the region. Your awareness of these efforts will help preserve the ecosystem for generations to come.

If there is one place in the United States that is reminiscent of the sea, it is California. Not only that, it\’s home to beautiful beaches and windy cities, it\’s also a great place for fishing. California is one of the US states with wonderful salt and fresh water places where fishermen and anglers from all walks of life enjoy.

Fishing Licenses

Due to the increasing fishing activity in California, the state has decided to regulate fishing in its waters. The rules are designed to ensure that fishing in its waters remains sustainable and that irresponsible fishing does not quickly deplete people\’s natural resources.

Interestingly, California has extensive angling regulations that apply to anglers, and the rules are separate from those who fish in saltwater areas and those who fish in freshwater protected areas. For the same reason, California requires anglers to obtain a fishing license before they go into the water and reel their lines. Different fishing licenses are available for both resident and non-resident anglers. The cost of each permit usually depends, among other things, on your residence status or the period of validity.

So, if you are interested in learning more about fishing in California\’s waters, this article will walk you through all of the things you need to know when buying a fishing license. It discusses the various permits and who they are for and how to buy them. But first to the basics: Who actually has to get a California fishing license?

Who Must Acquire a CA Sport Fishing License?

In general, any angler, resident or non-resident, 16 years of age or older must obtain a CA sport fishing license. It is important to understand that a fisherman is considered a \»Resident\» if he has lived in California for at least six consecutive months prior to obtaining the license.

When you acquire a license in California, you are entitled to fish in both salt and fresh water throughout the state. Please note that every angler in your group must purchase a fishing license. This also applies if you fish with a guide or on board a charter boat.

Where can I get a CA Sportfishing license?

A CA sport fishing license can be purchased. You can also purchase licenses instantly and in person from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife license sales office. The fishing license can also be purchased from a licensed agent as a sporting goods store.

Different types of licenses in California

Basic CA Sportfishing Licenses

In general, California licenses, including those required by both residents and non-residents, are valid for one year. Fishing licenses expire on December 31 of each year, and resident and non-resident permits are sold separately. However, there are also special licenses that are only sold to a certain group of people on the basis of certain accreditations. It\’s also worth noting that resident and non-resident fishing licenses are sold separately.

In California, residents and non-residents can purchase a one- or two-day license for the same price. However, other permits vary for the two. Interestingly, non-residents can also take advantage of a 10-day license which is not available to residents. The annual licenses are also available for residents and non-residents at different prices. Here is a breakdown of the required licenses you can obtain in the state of California:

License typeresidentNon-residentsSalt waterFresh water
1 day license$ 16.20
2 day license$ 25.10
10 day licenseN / A$ 49.94
Annual license$ 49.94$ 134.74

Lifetime CA Sportfishing License

If you are a California resident and don\’t want to get a sport fishing license every year, you can also opt for a lifetime fishing license. This license grants a holder a lifetime fishing license, which is obtained through an annual fishing license. The lifetime license can only be purchased from the CDFW sales office and the cost depends on the age of the person using the lifetime license. Here is a summary of the price versus the age of the angler:

0-9 years$ 550.25
10-39 years$ 899.25
40-61 years$ 810.25
62+ years$ 550.25

As you can see in the table above, the best time to buy the lifetime license is between the ages of 0-9 (for kids) as it costs the least and covers you for most of the years.

Fishing Privilege Package

If you\’re a hardcore angler, you can also purchase a Privilege Package that includes an Ocean Enhancement Stamp, Lifetime Second-Rod Stamp, North Coast Salmon Report Card, and Steelhead Report Card. The Fishing Privilege Package costs $ 360.75, but this price is subject to change.

Important license information

Special licenses

Special licenses and discounts are offered to those who can meet certain criteria. Privileges and discounts are available to veterans, blind anglers, developmentally handicapped anglers, and anglers with reduced mobility. Other special considerations are also offered as the case may be. These discounts would allow eligible anglers to purchase licenses for under $ 8.

Who is exempt?

Of course there are also some exceptions to the license requirement for anglers. For one thing, anglers who are under 16 years of age do not need a license to cast from a public pier. However, if they fish in regulated species they may be required to bring permits and certificates.

Lost or stolen licenses

If you\’ve misplaced, lost, or stolen your license, you can purchase a Duplicate Sportfishing License for $ 10.80 (price is subject to change). Please note that duplicates can only be purchased online and in CDFW license sales outlets.

Other California fishing regulations


If you fish for a specific state regulated species, you must have a certificate with you that records every time you fish one of the regulated species catch. All recreational anglers are required to produce a certificate when fishing in these ways, including those who do not need to purchase a recreational fishing license (such as anglers fishing from a public pier, anyone under the age of 16, etc.). It\’s also important to note that the certificate should be submitted to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife by January 31 of the following year (the prickly pound certificate must be reported by April 30 after the end of the lobster season) either by submitting it online or by post to the address on the card. Here is a summary of the types that require a testimonial and the cost of buying it.

speciesSpecific areaCost of report card
salmonJust Klamath, Trinity, and Smith Rivers$ 6.48
sturgeonNationwide$ 8.38
Steel headNationwide$ 7.30
LobsterNationwide$ 9.72

Validation of ocean improvement

If you plan to fish in the ocean south of Point Arguello in Santa Barbara County, you will need to purchase an Ocean Enhancement Validation. The cost of the OEV is $ 5.40. It is also important to note that anglers who already have a 1 or 2 day sport fishing license do not need to purchase a validation.

Second rod validation

Anglers using two rods or lines when fishing in inland waters must purchase a second rod validation, which costs $ 15.12. Please note that this validation does not apply to waters where anglers only need to use barbed hooks and artificial bait.

frequently asked Questions

Q: Do valid CA sport fishing licenses grant access to fish in interstate waters?

California has several fishing spots shared by neighboring states, including Lake Tahoe, Topaz Lake, and the Colorado River. A CA sport fishing license is valid for fishing in all of these waters.

Q: What is the disability discount for disabled veterans?

There is a disability discount for disabled veterans. If you\’re one, you can get a license for $ 7.82. Follow this for more information shortcut.

Q: What disability class is required for disabled veterans to take advantage of the discounted fares?

The Disabled Veteran\’s License requires a disability level of over 50%.

Q: Are people with disabilities but not veterans eligible for a discount?

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, blind, developmentally disabled, or disabled people can apply for a free sport fishing license.